Who Are We

INCAS Partners – In-Ground Consulting and Strategyis an independent company that provides strategic, contractual and technical consulting services to Decision-Makers and main Actors of underground works and infrastructures worldwide.

Counting on 40 years of accumulated experience, in late 2015 we created INCAS Partners – In-Ground Consulting and Strategy – in Paris to provide a different answer to the growing demand for know-how in the underground sector.


A Word From The CEO

Nowadays we are dealing with a new, faster and bigger expansion phase of underground infrastructures. We are continuously confronted to new challenges for integrating the underground space in people’s day-by-day life, through larger, deeper and more complex infrastructures.Large urban transport plans, such as the “Grand Paris Express”, transalpine tunnels, high-speed connections, subsea tunnels linking nations and continents, together with large underground structures to host radioactive waste or experimental laboratories are – among others – the expression of how underground challenges are changing scale.

Going underground becomes a new form of resource, and space beneath the surface, becomes the place where multimodal connections, leisure and public services are conceived to coexist, without disruption, in a fluid continuity of space above and below ground. The underground space of tomorrow belongs to a vision of sustainable development and it should be conceived as a global system, preserving development opportunities by future generations.

Economy, efficiency, multifunction, safety, quality, sustainability, environment, communication, connectivity, cost control and risk minimisation must coexist. In such a context, the technical and contractual complexification require new ideas and approaches to conceive, grow, develop, work and communicate.

Our understanding led us to conceive at the end of 2015 a new type of service, focused on high-level consulting in the field of underground structures, and based on an innovative working model. Thanks to the synergy with our international network, our objective is to provide a high-quality, proactive and flexible answer to the needs of experience, expertise, production and management of big Organisations, acting from the inside, at the heart of our Clients’ structure.

The encouraging results of our first period of activity comfort our vision, and reinforce our ambition to quickly become a trusted partner for You.

                                                                             Elena CHIRIOTTI

                                                                       Co-founder & CEO

The Founders


Co-founder and CEO

A Ph.D in Rock Mechanics and almost 25 years’ experience in the design, project management and construction follow-up of underground works. An experience grown within engineering companies specialised in underground works, and major French engineering companies, creating, piloting and managing technical sectors, and working on international metros, railways and roads projects.

Elena leads the AFTES’ working group “GT32bis – Feedbacks on Risk Management”, and ITA-AITES’ working group “WG2 – Research”.

See Elena CHIRIOTTI resume


Co-founder and Partner

More than15 years’ experience in the field of underground works acquired within construction companies, the Technical Directorate of SNCF, and major French engineering companies. A robust capacity in design, construction follow-up and consulting grown through several major projects, from alpine crossings, to large urban transport infrastructures

Magali co-animates AFTES’ working group “GT4 – Mechanization” and ITA-AITES’ working group “WG17 – Long Tunnels Deep”.

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